De Zayas: “There is a conspiracy of silence against Catalonia by the UE and the UN”

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Gemma Aguilera –  14/01/2018  – El Món 

The UN Human Right Independent Expert an professor of international law, Alfred De Zayas (Havana, 1947) has been forceful in affirming that “Spain has political prisoners and the UE and the UN are silent”. A silence that he qualifies “deafening”. He considers that “they are accused of defending a political right without having committed any violent or sabotatge action” and emphasizes the “great peaceful discipline” that has been experienced in Catalonia in the independentist field. Known for his great oratory and defense of Human Rights, De Zayas recommends “to political and exiled prisoners” demand protection to the United Nations and that Catalonia persists “with dialogue and international legality”. Beside, he emphasises that the Catalan case “it has been made visible that States apply international law selectively, on demand” .


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