109 Spanish jurists denounce the disproportion of the accusations of rebellion and sedition to exercise fundamental rights

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Francisco J. Álvarez García/M. Luisa Maqueda Abreu  09/11/2017 – 19:53h – 

“The National Court is not competent to hear of the crimes of rebellion or sedition, and that such an understanding corresponds to the Provincial Court of Barcelona”. With this determination, more than 100 professors of criminal law from different Spanish universities have published a manifesto againsts the judge of the National Court, Carmen Lamela, without naming her. In the document, they express their concern about “disproportionate” accusations of rebellion and sedition. According to these jurists, the events investigated lack key elements to consider them constitutive facts of these crimes, such as violence and the induction to a tumultuous uprising, as required by law.


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