A group of MEPs reports that the Spanish government prevents them from visiting Catalan political prisioners 

By Friday December 15th, 2017 No Comments

José Bové, one of the historical French green left politicians, headed the group of sixteen MEP who had condemned publicly in a press conference in the European Parliament the difficulties that they had faced to get an authorization to visit the Catalan politics in jail by the Spanish government. Bové branded the situation as «totally crazy» and he regreted that «If the prisioners want to be released they must accept what the government says».

An other MEP, the Italian EleonoraForenza explains that they have not found «any willingness to cooperate by the Spanish government» and Marie-Pierre Vieu reminds the right of any MEP to access in any european penitentiary centre. «This is extremely serious» added Vieu.

They expressed their perplexity of how the current situation turns out and «asked for the immediate release of the jailed leaders» said Ms. Forenza and asked to the EU to get involved once and for all.