Catalan government demands explanation for leaked video of politicians jailed in Madrid

By Wednesday June 6th, 2018 No Comments

Catalan News | 06.06.2018

A video of one minute and forty-seven seconds with footage of three deposed ministers in jail has been published through the Catalan newspaper ‘ARA’. The recording seems to have been taken with a small camera without the politicians being aware that they were being filmed, and shows them in their cells, in the library, or doing cleaning tasks such as sweeping the floor or washing windows.

Vice President Oriol Junqueras, Foreign Affairs Minister Raül Romeva or Home Affairs Minister Joaquim Forn, all of them sacked by the Spanish government last October, are seen throughout the footage in different parts of the prison.

According to the complaint laid over the recording and dissemination of the video, to which El Nacional (in Spanish) has had access, the broadcast of the images, “without consent” and “undeserved”, is a violation of their privacy, dignity and the presumption of innocence, and has left them feeling unprotected and caused great anxiety among their families.