Catalan government on hold as president Torra studies legal action against Madrid

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Catalan News – 05.23.2018

Catalonia was expected to have formed a new government on Wednesday—almost seven months after Spain dismissed the previous cabinet following a declaration of independence. In the first major political clash since Quim Torra was sworn in as Catalan president a week ago, the Spanish government blocked the appointment of his nominated ministers. The reason: four of them were dismissed last October, and are currently behind bars or seeking refuge in other European countries.


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Quim Torra takes oath as the 131st President of Catalonia

Vilaweb – 05.17.2018


Quim Torra has taken the oath as Catalan president in a restraint ceremony without guests, given the exceptional circumstances the country is currently living under. He promises loyalty to the will of the Catalan people as represented by Parliament.

Spanish court blocks appointment of would-be Catalan ministers in jail

Vilaweb – 05.22.2018


Spain’s Supreme Court has denied a petition from jailed pro-independence leaders, Josep Rull and Jordi Turull, for temporary freedom in order to assume their posts as ministers in the new government of Catalonia.