Complaint against Spain’s Deputy PM for questioning separation of powers

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Spanish deputy prime minister Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría will be the subject of a formal complaint to the Spain’s Public Prosecutor’s Office after her statement on Saturday that the Mariano Rajoy and the Popular Party (PP) were responsible for “decapitating” the pro-independence parties – referring to decisions that, in theory, were taken by judges. The intention to lay a complaint was announced by Eduard Pujol, spokesperson for the Together for Catalonia (JuntsxCat) list, on Sunday.

Sáenz de Santamaría boasted to an audience on Saturday that it was “Mariano Rajoy and the PP” who were responsible for the fact that “ERC, JuntsXCat and the rest of the secessionists don’t have any leaders today because they they have been decapitated”. For this reason, she asked for the vote for the PP, so they could “continue liquidating the independence movement” and “to consolidate” the actions carried out since the application of Spanish government’s application of article 155 of the Spanish constitution, suspending Catalonia’s home rule and dismissing its government.


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On the other hand, the socialist and former president of the European Parliament, Josep Borrell, delivered a speech during a meeting in support of the socialist candidate, Miquel Iceta, on Friday, December 15, where he declared that after the elections, “it will be necessary to build bridges, but first, it is necessary to disinfect, to start, the media.