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Cuixart: “A 2018 of hope” (12.28.17)

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Soto del Real, December 28th, 2017


Dearest associates,

We end a particularly hard 2017, which will also be remembered for the achievement of collective successes of colossal merit. In a civic, peaceful and democratic way, we have once again broken our backs, and we will do well not to dilute what this means as a society. A memory full of tenderness for all those people who are suffering the hardest repression today, for families and friends, and for those who communicate the sorrow they feel for our situation. I ask of you, let’s not allow discouragement to overcome us; it’s exactly what some would like. Let’s turn any sadness into hope because we have enough reasons, believe me.

This 2018, at Òmnium Cultural, we will continue to work to strengthen the feeling of collective belonging, from diversity and empathy. We will also devote our efforts to the defense of civil rights, continue to demand the release of political prisoners, and the end of repression at European and international organizations. We will defend with determination the Catalan school model, a guarantee for social cohesion, so that no one will separate our children at the classrooms. Catalan language and culture are everybody’s heritage.

We will dedicate our best efforts to get to know each other and recognize us even more and better. It is an absolutely essential task, without renunciations, with all the self-esteem in the world; because a present and a past of respect, coexistence and tolerance support us. Paraphrasing Obrint Pas: “a whole country to share, a whole country to love.” To the more than 96,000 people that today form the entity, we summon you to share these objectives, in the most active way you can, without any fear. Let us open Òmnium Cultural everywhere even more, around all of Catalunya, and let us, at the same time, rediscover everything that surrounds us. The moment is unique, the opportunity too: we have both, a lot to offer and a lot to receive.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and myself, allow us to thank you for so many hours of effort and dedication, for your trust in the entity, for your support to all the demonstrations, for your silent and persevering work. You are the example of the peaceful fight of a country for a freer society, without social exclusion, inequality, and poverty. From Soto del Real, for all the Catalan Countries and the whole world: Happy New Year 2018, let culture inundate everything. And more trust than ever because we have each other.

With all my heart,


Jordi Cuixart

President d’Òmnium Cultural

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