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Cuixart: ‘People of Catalunya never fail’ (12.21.17)

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Soto del Real, December 21st, 2017


Dearest all,

I just learned the results of the election. My first thought is for the Catalan school model. Let’s congratulate ourselves once more. Every time we are summoned, even in completely illegitimate circumstances, the people of Catalunya never fail. With record participation, the overwhelming sovereignty’s majority demands to act with more generosity and sense of state than ever.

Let’s not lose ground in the strengthening of the country’s great consensus; united in diversity. In 2018 we commemorate the 150 years of the birth of Pompeu Fabra, common sense (seny-in Catalan) organizer of the Catalan language; the host language of thousands of Catalans arrived from all over the world: there has never been a refusal, but quite the opposite, every addition enriches us, makes us more free.

We are living hard times, very hard, but let’s concentrate on the values that make us stronger as a society: Catalan school model, democracy, and culture.

Friends, despite the fact that some of us find ourselves in exceptional circumstances, I’m asking you to take advantage these days to be with your family, with the least sadness possible and with the utmost hope. We will overcome this adversity as we have overcome all our adversities, together and with the strength of tenderness and hopeful anticipation.

Allow me a very special memory for Oriol, Quim, and Jordi’s families: all my love, as well as for those who are in exile, far from the most beloved ones. We feel you are closer than ever.

Thanks again to everyone for your warmth. For Christmas and for the whole year: peace, dialogue, justice, and freedom.

I love you very much! Visca Catalunya lliure!


Jordi Cuixart
President d’Òmnium


Letter published in La Vanguardia, Sunday December 24th (in Spanish)