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Cuixart: ‘Self-Esteem and serenity’ (12.4.17)

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Soto del Real, December 4th, 2017


Dear all,

We’ve just learned the news that the judge will maintain pre-trial detention for four of the ten imprisoned. First of all, an infinite hug for the families of Jordi, Raül, Meritxell, Dolors, Carles, and Josep, and for themselves. I’m happy you are back home. You deserve it!

My second thought is for home, for all of them and for the big family of Òmnium. As well as for the people that, day after day, let us know that we’re not alone. Don’t worry for a second, I’m speaking from the heart, I’m crazy about hugging you and being able to be together again, and it’s this desire that gives me all the strength in the world. I feel calm, relaxed, aware of the importance that we maintain the maximum serenity, and obviously I, one more among you all.

On Sunday, we delivered the VOC; on Thursday, we will be in Brussels, and on December 15th, at the 67th Nit de les Lletres Catalanes (Annual evening of the Catalan letters) in Nou Barris…And here, we can still hear the notes of the Lluís Companys Stadium, and the Musicians for Freedom in Plaça España, as well as an alive memory of hundreds of events from all over the country asking that they set us free.

I ask to all of you that we continue to work to strengthen the great consensus of the country, the school model, social cohesion, a whole Catalan language and culture to share. But also, I ask you to keep caring for each other. Let’s take care of one another. We will not fall into a collective sadness nor we will not lose hope as the peaceful society, open and democratic that we are. Today we have more work to do than ever, we will do it, and we will do it well.

Self-esteem and serenity: we have overcome more adverse situations in our collective history, either with words, with a smile, and when necessary with silence, but we will never allow anything to freeze our hearts.

I love you very much, always forward!


Jordi Cuixart
President d’Òmnium


Letter published in El Periódico, December 4th, 2017 (in Spanish)