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Cuixart: ‘They wanted to isolate us and we are more united than ever’ (10.10.17)

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Soto del Real, November 10th, 2017


Dear associates,

It has been almost a month that we are in prison, and I can only begin with a giant thank you. Allow me to do it, exceptionally, on behalf of my family too, for all the warmth we receive day after day, for all and each one of the letters you send me, for the messages of support, books, poems, postcards, for the emotions and impressions that you share with me; from the bottom of my heart, my infinite gratitude. Each one of these messages is of incalculable value. They wanted to isolate us and we are more united than ever. I read you every night, and I feel the most fortunate man on the planet. We knew that we needed each other, now we can say for sure that we have each other.

Because we are a big family, I want to tell you that I am well, with the basic needs covered and correctly treated, as if we were common prisoners. But obviously, these facts do not make us forget that our imprisonment is absolutely unjust and unfounded, and that is why we will never tire of demanding freedom for all political prisoners.

I have been, we have been-with my friend and President of the National Catalan Assembly, Jordi Sànchez- in captivity for a month. Believe me, not a single day has gone by without feeling your support and appreciation.

We should congratulate ourselves for all we are doing as a society, and also for being part of Òmnium Cultural. During these weeks, I have been able to reflect on our organisation, from the founders to the present, undoubtedly remembering Muriel, on companions of territory, technicians, volunteers, National Board, the tens of thousands of members, and on so many, many people without whose efforts we would not be here today. I want to reiterate that it is a great honor to be the President of Òmnium, the tenth of the organisation, but mostly it is a pleasure sharing with all of you this path that we are taking together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Our institutions have received an unprecedented attack, but the response is also unprecedented: more serene than ever, more civic and peaceful than ever, but with all the courage and determination. Let’s remember not to fall into provocations (I know what I’m talking about), and continue to maintain the collective self-esteem spirit that fills our core with strength and kindness, and allows us to move forward as we would have never imagined.

Today, the unity of sovereignty, within diversity, as we will never tire of vindicating, is our main tool, and the responsibility of all and each one of us is to make sure that this precious asset continues to bear fruit. Let’s continue to be generous, this doesn’t mean giving up anything, on the contrary, it enriches us with all sources of sovereignty, and it continues to be the meeting point, the gentle space, the last bridge of dialogue when it seems than everything collapses, the infinite hope, that which has always characterized Òmnium. That’s why, in the face of the illegitimate elections of December 21st, sovereignty needs to have great results to say no to article 155, and to continue building a free country, it is very important for Òmnium to maintain its transversal role as a civil society entity. From the outmost respect to the role of the political forces, Òmnium has to continue to belong to all, as always. Our job is now more important than ever, and I want to continue to be the president, now from prison, incompatible with being part of an electoral list.

Martí i Pol said “and yet the rumor persists”, and today we see how the legacy of all those anti-Franco fighters who persisted with absolute determination, opens the doors to freedom for us.

They have imprisoned good men and women, honest and hardworking people, and we have no doubt that sooner or later we will get out of here, and in the meantime that nothing and nobody freezes the smile and crazy desire of living. Let’s love each other, let’s continue to fight, I am doing the same!

Friends of Òmnium, Sambori, Somescola, Premi d’Honor and La Nit de Santa Llúcia, of social cohesion’s defense and the Catalan language, of  VOC, Justice for the Crimes of the Francoist era, 10-J and 11 September, of La Flama del Canigó and of so many shared struggles, nothing and nobody can ever stop us.

With the hope intact for the days that will come.
Always forward!

Visca els Països Catalans.
Visca Catalunya lliure.


Jordi Cuixart
President Òmnium Cultural


Letter published in Punt Avui, Thursday November 16th , 2017 (in Catalan)