Cuixart’s letter to the members of Òmnium: “Embrace freedom and never let it go again”

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Soto del Real, March 9th, 2018


To all the members of Òmnium, coinciding with the Ordinary General Assembly.


Dear all,

Soon it will be 5 months from the Spanish government’s attempt to separate us from all of you, to make us renounce, with fear, the ideals of peace, justice, and freedom. Well, today I tell you that not only have they not succeeded, but also today I feel more united than ever to all of you and with the ideals intact.

We need to overcome the strict current state of politics, fears or uncertainties in the short term, and focus on the long term. Let’s remember that we are Òmnium and our goal has always been to sew and re-sew. Embrace freedom and never let it go again. It is the best legacy for our children.

Prison forces you to a certain meditative state, also to take perspective. Believe me, your letters help me tremendously and in them, I also see the will to recover the positive and constructive tone. Confidence in the ability to obtain a better country. More civil society and more empathy to build.

Let’s open Òmnium Cultural to the whole society and fill ourselves with the great diversity of the country. This makes us more free. We are in a long-term political conflict, which calls for a more collective effort than ever, but I would ask you not to forget that this is always the result of individual effort. Today we need each other more than ever: what we are capable of imagining we can be able to achieve. We need all our ambition. Let’s listen to each other and get to know each other more and better. Let culture flood it all, and this way we will strengthen the feeling of collective belonging.

Rosa Parks said: “The more we gave in, the worse they treated us.” Do not have any doubt, as the 10th president of Òmnium Cultural I am committed to continue working for our right to live with dignity, in a democratic society where peace, harmony and equal opportunities for all are a reality.

We should take the opportunity of our imprisonment as a democratic lever and a permanent complaint against a state that has not only renounced the interests of its fellow citizens but also systematically attacks fundamental rights and freedoms. Any political decision that is good for the country will also be good for the prisoners. We will never be a bargaining chip.

Huge hugs to each one of you. To the colleagues of the National Board and territorials, who work their fingers to the bone; to the workers and volunteers, to the members that are with us today and who maintain an incorruptible commitment to the entity.

Thank you for keeping Txell and Amat company, and above all for making me feel, every morning when I wake up, the most fortunate man in the world.

Let’s be ambitious, no regrets and all the empathy. With all the love and tenderness

Visca els Països Catalans! (Long live Catalan Countries!)
Visca la Cultura i la Llibertat! (Long live Culture and Freedom!)

I love you immensely,


Jordi Cuixart
President d’Òmnium