Human Rights Watch regrets that the Spanish government offers “no response” to calls for independent enquiry

By Saturday September 29th, 2018 No Comments

CatalanNews | 28.09.2018

It’s been a year since the October 1 referendum in Catalonia, and Spain “has not yet” launched an official investigation into police behavior that day – despite calls by NGOs to do so.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) documented “excessive force” and “disproportionate” police actions during the operation to stop the vote. In a report last year, it urged the Spanish government to start “a broad, systemic investigation into the use of force.” “That broader systemic understanding has not yet happened,” said Kartik Raj, Western Europe Researcher at Human Rights Watch. Instead, only some “individual complaints” have been raised by people and have gone “through the various means available” to them, including some courts (read more here).

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