Martín Pallín: “There are no signs of rebellion, sedition or embezzlement”

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Interview by Antonio Lucas 30/12/2017  16:24 – El Mundo

Considered one of the best jurists of his generation, the judge emeritus of the Supreme Court and Spanish National Prize for Human Rights in 2006, José Antonio Martín Pallín believes that the sentences imposed are «excessive» and «there are no sign of rebellion crimes, neither sedition, nor even embezzlement». And he says that «if the decisions have not been taken by disproportionate zeal but by submit to the pressures of the Executive power, it would be very serious». Martín Pallín reminds that «the independentists did not deceived anyone. They warned of their intentions since 2015 and this is recognized by the Constitutional Court.

For the former Supreme Court judge, it is necessary a deep reflection on the values of political participation and freedom on the part of the judges, otherwise «we will find another anomaly that would astonish our entire political environment»

According to Martín Pallín «someone must explain some day what happened, and stand up for the criminal sanctions imposed on former member of the Catalan government»