Ministers Comín, Serret, Puig, free without bail

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El Nacional | 5 April 2018

A Belgian court has released Catalan ministers Toni ComínMeritxell Serret and Lluís Puig after they testified in Brussels this afternoon. The judge has decided to not impose any cautionary measures nor ask for bail whilst they consider the extradition warrants against the three.

Leaving court, Toni Comín highlighted that it’s the second time they’d been left free by a Belgian judge, and that judges in Scotland and now Germany have decided on similar lines: “Four judges have had to make a decision and, in all four cases, it’s the same: release”

This decision broke after a court in the state of Schleswig-Holstein released on bail the Catalan president Carles Puigdemont after refusing the charges of rebellion.


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