The Catalan ombudsman call for the “immediately” realease of pro-independence leaders imprisoned

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Catalan News | 05.28.2018

The Catalan ombudsman, Rafael Ribó, says all pro-independence leaders imprisoned in Madrid should be “immediately” released while awaiting “a trial with all guarantees and a final verdict.” There are currently nine people in pre-trial jail facing criminal charges for their role in the independence bid.

In his lastest report, The violation of fundamental rights and public freedoms as a result of the judicial reaction following October 1 and direct rule (May 2018), Ribó asks for:

  1. a “constructive dialogue”
  2. a solution beyond institutional politics, which includes “civil societies in Catalonia and the rest of the State” as well as figures from all across the political spectrum.
  3. the strenghtening of democratic guarantees that ensure the exercise of fundamental rights and freedoms
  4. the restoration of the self-government of Catalonia


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