Thousands of Catalans march in Brussels calling out for civil and democratic rights

By Friday December 15th, 2017 No Comments

More than 45.000 Catalan citizens, according to the Belgian police, protested in Brussels on the biggest march ever seen in the heart of the UE organized by Òmnium Cultural and ANC.

Under the slogan «Wake up, Europe!», these two main pro-independence Catalan civil society organizations had taken the streets defending the paceful character of the Catalan people and asked once again to the EU institutions to get involved in the searching of political solutions to the conflict in Catalonia. «Today, in 2017, Jordi Cuixart has been imprisoned for defending pacefully the ideas that someone does not like. We are facing a brutal atack against the free speech and civil rights» highlighted Marcel Mauri, the vice president of Òmnium Cultural next to Agustí Alcoberro, vice president of ANC.

The demonstration filled with yellow the streets in solidarity of the leaders that remain in prision and finished with the speeches of some of the members of the Catalan government in the exile, like the president Carles Puigdemont, and other members of the European Parliament.