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‘We are one people’, J. Cuixart’s response to Jordi Évole (01.27.18)

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Letter of response to Jordi Évole


Dear Jordi,

I also remember breakfast in the Diagonal bar, talking to people you know who disagree with you but with whom you have also a lot of complicities in common, is twice as stimulating. The day I called [Javier] Pérez Andújar to congratulate him on the announcement of The Mercè (in Spanish), the same thing happened.

Omnium means everyone; this is one of the mantras we learned from Muriel [Casals], the same who wanted to persuade you in 2013. In 2016, we promoted the campaign Lluites compartides, with the goal of enhancing the collective fights that in the last 50 years have been shaping us as a society. The act of homage to the parents of the Rosselló-Pòrcel School of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, mostly Spanish-speakers (like ours) who, in 1983, promoted the first language immersion program, it was one of the most moving, we were accompanied by Núria Parlon. That same year we celebrated the Nit de Santa Llúcia in Hospitalet de Llobregat. For the first time in 65 years, the country’s main literary event would take place in the second largest city in Catalonia. Of course, Núria Marín was there. I must confess that I have never been seduced by the relatively widespread idea on ​​sovereignty that defends the concept of widening. I have always been more in favor of sharing, which asks us to get to know each other and recognize one another more and better, with all the diversity and nuances, avoiding the uniformity of ideas, which in addition to harmful I find extremely boring.

Catalunya is a country where migration is structural, and this must become one of the main pride and motive for collective self-esteem. The idea of Josep Benet (one of the most active politicians of democracy and Catalanism during the Franco dictatorship), so bravely defended by Paco Candel, author of Els altres catalans, I think that today it makes the more sense, also with the refugees that we want to welcome. The defense of a single plural and diverse country is the best antidote against any rupture.

Congratulations and thanks for the 10 years of Salvados and I wish very strongly that we could soon have breakfast together again. And if we need to delay the appointment, I hope to receive your letter very soon.

(1) Receive a tender embrace, Jordi.

(2) Let’s talk. Not only are we capable of it, but it is also our will


 Letter published in El Periódico, Saturday January 27th, 2018