Cooperate with the Associació Catalana pels Drets Civils (ACDC) (Catalan Association for Civil Rights)

The families of the prisoners and people forced into exile have set up an association.
Make a donation and support them in the struggle:


IBAN: ES16 0081 1783 4100 0113 3415

What can you do for them? Write to them!

Below are the addresses of all the prisoners so you can send them a letter.
In order for the letter to arrive, it is very important that you write the full name of the sender.
Please, do not send stamps or money because it is banned, they could block communications.

Jordi Cuixart
i Navarro

Centro Penitenciario
Madrid V – Módulo 4
Ctra. M-609, km 3,5
28791 Soto del Real, Madrid

Jordi Sànchez

Centro Penitenciario
Madrid V – Módulo 8
Ctra. M-609, km 3,5
28791 Soto del Real, Madrid

Oriol Junqueras
i Vies

Centro Penitenciario
Madrid VII – Módulo 7
Ctra. M-241, km 5,750
28595 Estremera, Madrid

Joaquim Forn

Centro Penitenciario
Madrid VII – Módulo 7
Ctra. M-241, km 5,750
28595 Estremera, Madrid

Ten things you can do to for #FreeCatalanPoliticalPrisoners

Below we suggest ten things that you can do for the #FreeCatalanPoliticalPrisoners campaign to demand the immediate release of the ten political prisoners.

1. Put up posters in your neighbourhood

In the staircase of your apartment building, shop windows, your workplace… You can find different posters here You can also use the posters issued by the ANC and those of the Empaperem campaign.

2. Change the header or background

of your social network accounts:

3. Spread the post card on the networks:


4. Put up a banner on your organisation’s website or blog

or suggest to a digital magazine or website that it do the same to support the struggle
banner horitzontal 981X90
banner quadrat 250X250

5. You can follow

@usvolemacasas on Twitter and Us volem a casa on Facebook, which is where we publicise all our acts of support.

6. Leave ten seats empty

at all the public events in which you participate, to remind everyone that we continue to demand the release of the ten political prisoners. Cultural venues are already doing so, like in theatres, for example.

7. Encourage a display of support

from your professional association or sector demanding their release

8. You can wear a yellow ribbon,

a symbol of solidarity with the Catalan political prisoners

9. Spread the video

that contrasts the charges of sedition against Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez for the events of 20 September:

video in Catalan
video in Spanish
video in English

10. Participate in all events called for

by Crida per la Democràcia (TW, FB and Instagram)


Here you’ll find all the campaign materials to download.

Campaign materials

Get involved and make a donation.
Help us to protect democracy.

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