“We demand Justice and Freedom”

Noam Chomsky
Linguist, philosopher, human rights activist

“We urge Spain to release the nine Catalan prisoners and to solve this political conflict through dialogue”

Angela Davis
Human Rights Activist

“Freedom of expression and assembly are human rights that must be respected in a democracy”

Jody Williams  
Nobel Peace Prize

“Classifying these actions as hate crimes, sedition, rebellion, terrorism is a form of political repression”

Pep Guardiola
Coach of Manchester City

“Dissidence makes societies more plural and should not be politically repressed”

Martín Caparrós
Journalist and writer

“In Catalonia, civil and political rights are at stake”

Bill Shipsey
Founder of Art for Amnesty

“They have been jailed for their opinions and defending Catalonia’s rights.”

Sergi López

“Different people are being sentenced, even to prison, for actions that constitute the free exercise of free speech”

Ben Emmerson 
International Lawyer

A nonviolent resistance. How Spanish police used force to try to stop the vote, but more than two milion Catalans challenged the police to vote.

BBC Documentary 

“Stop assaulting voters, stop locking up elected politicians and stop attacking civil liberites”

Owen Jones

“They are in prison. They just wanted to vote, do not forget it”

Pep guardiola  
Football coach

“Catalan political prisoners should be free right now. This is a madness”

Irvine Welsh 

“Opinions and convictions, we discuss them, we do not put them in prison”

Daniel Pennac

“We, citizens of Europe, ask for the immediate freedom of the Catalan citizens imprisoned for their political views”

Roberto Saviano

“Arresting representatives chosen by the popular will, threatening them with exemplary sentences for their political ideas, must be rejected by Europe”

Erri da Luca

“It is unacceptable and unjust that they are in prison”

Neus Lloveras
President of the Association of Municipalities for Independence (AMI) and mayor of Vilanova i la Geltrú

“As long as we have political prisoners, there will be no democratic normality”

Joan Josep Nuet
Member of the Committee of the Parliament of Catalonia

“In no case was the law applied”

Mercè Barceló
Professor of constitutional law and coordinator of Col·lectiu Praga

“Beyond the political discrepancies, we will always be there to defend freedom”

Gerardo Pisarello
First deputy mayor of Barcelona

“In Barcelona and in Europe we think about you every day and we hope to welcome you back home very soon”

Ramon Tremosa
Member of the European Parliament

“We call for liberty, justice, independence and for everyone to come back home”

Gabriela Serra
Member of the Parliament of Catalonia

“They all managed to get a people behind them, and that is the greatest thing that they can accomplish. We’re going to win”

Maddalen Iriarte
Spokeswoman for EH Bildu in the Basque Parliament

“Stay firm. Your conviction and determination will give you freedom and give us a country that we deserve”

Marta Rovira
Secretary General of ERC

“I dedicate this win to the Jordis”

Pep Guardiola
Football coach of Manchester City

“More stubbornly risen up than ever. Until they leave us in peace!” Letter to Jordi Cuixart.

David Fernàndez

“We will remain committed to their freedom”

Javier Pacheco
Secretary general of the Workers’ Commissions (CCOO) of Catalonia

“I am also guilty of calling for the people to mobilise on the 20th”

Camil Ros
Secretary general of the Workers’ General Union (UGT) of Catalonia

“We have two men in prison for defending our right to express ourselves”

Ruben Wagensberg
Coordinator of the campaign ‘Casa nostra, casa vostra’ (Our house, your house)

“You cannot imprison free birds. You’ll fly. We’ll fly”

Isona Passola
Film producer

“The only thing that the Jordis have done is call to express themselves peacefully”

Bel Olid
President of the Association of Writers in the Catalan Language

“It is unbearable to see them in prison”

Lluís Llach
Member of the Parliament of Catalonia

“This is a politically motivated imprisonment and we will not stop until they are back home”

Dolors Sabater
Mayor of Badalona

“El que passa a Espanya, en relació amb els presos polítics, és molt greu per l’estat de dret i la democràcia”

Fabio Marcelli
Jurista internacional

“We would have never imagined that there would be political prisoners in the XXI century”

Antoni Castellà

“All demonstrations are held to reclaim freedom for political prisoners and stand up for Catalonia’s independence”

David Companyon

“In order to solve a political problem, law has been twisted. And this has caused shameful injustices”

Joan Queralt
Criminal Law Professor and Member of Col·lectiu Praga

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