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“To sew and re-sew”: Cuixart’s letter to Jordi Basté

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Soto del Real February 20th, 2018


[…] “I have an obsession: we have explained ourselves little and badly and it’s not a reproach to anybody, but we can’t renounce to continue being a civil society, and- I who am not a lot about flags – we can not give up either the senyera (Catalan Flag), Catalanism, 1-O, or the conviction that we will only get there if we do it together ”

“Valtonyc, Sierra in Arco – by the way, I saw him at the Konvent in Berga, he is a very powerful guy, or Hasel, or the last arbitrary case against Fariña support what we are saying: they have crumpled judicial independence so much, that this has only just begun”

Extract of the letter from Jordi Cuixart to Jordi Basté from Soto del Real // RAC1


“On positions opposed to preventive prison or other silences, I have decided not to reproach anybody and, instead, to be a loudspeaker for the people who with more or less forcefulness act against it. Even when Garzón does it (I cannot forget 1992) or Felipe González (likewise with GAL and so much corruption), but it is time for democracy and this means maturity and preserve the most valued asset”

Less reproaches and more empathy. Neither renunciation nor accepting more coarse blackmail”

“We will vote again, but we need to sew and re-sew, and strengthen the feeling of collective belonging and to explain ourselves as much as listening, especially listening”

With appreciation and tenderness,


Jordi Cuixart
President Òmnium Cultural


Letter published in RAC1, Thursday, March 1st, 2018 (in Catalan)