More than a hundred of MPs from all over Europe make a call for democracy in Catalonia

By Thursday December 21st, 2017 No Comments

More than a hundred deputies from differents European Parliaments have signed a document to express their “deep concern” about the situation in Catalonia. They ask the Spanish government to recover the path of dialogue and the release of political prisoners and leaders of civil society organizations. They also ask the Spanish government and international society “to ensure that the next elections for the regional Parliament in Catalonia are carried out democratically and without undue interference from the Spanish government”.

Some of the Members have already shared the document on Twitter as the Member of the Faroe Islands, Magni Arge (@MagniArge); Finnish MP, Mikkö Kärnä (@KarnaMikko); and the Danish MP, Nikolaj Villumsen (@nvillumsen):


An initiative already seen

It is not the first time that these two Danish MP, Magni Arge and Nikolaj Villumsen, speak out about the situation in Catalonia. In mid-September of this year, along with five other Danish deputies and other members of differents political group, they urged the Spanish government to play “a constructive role” and “to dialogue with an inmediate way” with the Catalan authorities.